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Turku Chamber of Commerce

The purpose of the Turku Chamber of Commerce (TCC) can be divided into three parts: networking, co-operation and promoting interests of companies in the region.


Turku Chamber of Commerce provides networking events and discussion groups to its member companies. We organize monthly events for our members to meet each other and form new contacts for their businesses. There are also several company visits, lunches and seminars around the year.


Turku Chamber of Commerce is a desirable partner in many engagements. We co-operate with all the major organizations in the region, such as the city of Turku, The Regional Council of Southwest Finland, Turku Science Park and together we work to promote the interests of companies. We also frequently co-operate with the Universities in the region.

Promoting members’ interests

Turku Chamber of Commerce plays a significant role in promoting the interests of commercial and industrial companies within the region of Southwest Finland. TCC was founded in 1917, and is one of the oldest chambers of commerce in Finland. Our aim is to shape policies towards developing favorable preconditions for company activities. We do so through the work of 11 different committees taking initiatives, delivering opinions, arranging meetings and seminars, and by launching joint projects.


We publish a Chamber of Commerce magazine four times a year and an annual yearbook comes out once a year.


Annual yearbook

Contact person regarding membership issues:, regarding policies and lobbying CEO Kaisa Leiwo ,
For more information please have a look at our presentation


Turun kauppakamari on Varsinais-Suomen alueella elinkeinoelämän edunvalvojana, kouluttajana ja asiantuntijana toimiva organisaatio. Kauppakamari on linkki yritysten ja julkisten päättäjien välillä ja sen toiminta perustuu kauppakamarilakiin ja vapaaehtoiseen jäsenyyteen. Turun kauppakamari on perustettu vuonna 1917 ja se on yksi Pohjoismaiden suurimmista kauppakamareista.

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