Advocacy work

Member companies are at the centre of the Turku Chamber of Commerce’s influencing work. We provide companies with information on legislation and trends affecting the operating environment and make the voice of our members heard in decision-making.


Objectives of Turku Chamber of Commerce’s advocacy work

Turku Chamber of Commerce is constantly establishing and developing the operating conditions for business life in its region and promoting shared interests. Advocacy work is performed through, for example, committees, working groups, reports, and publications.

We cooperate with our members to develop business life on a regional, national, and international scale.  

Our member companies are at the heart of our advocacy work. Our communication channels provide companies with information about legislation and trends relevant to their business environment. We influence decision-making by acting as a mouthpiece for companies.

The advocacy work of Turku Chamber of Commerce focuses on, for example, the maintenance and development of good traffic connections, availability of competent workforce in the region, and supporting the vitality of regions and cities.


Turku Chamber of Commerce’s most important duty is to promote business activities and growth in its region. Our members’ needs determine the targets and priorities of our advocacy work. Our current priorities are

  • Availability and competence of workforce
  • Traffic, land use, regional and town planning, and infrastructure
  • Digitalisation and data networks
  • Exports and internationalisation
  • Social and corporate responsibility
  • Next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Business-positive decision-making
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