Akateeminen & WTC Turku Book Club

Ajankohta ja paikka

Akateeminen Store
Yliopistonkatu 27
20100 Turku

The Akateeminen & WTC Turku book club is the newest way in the Turku region to network, learn and get the extra advantage in growing your business, professional expertise and knowledge. In the Akateeminen and WTC Turku book club we read classic business books, new releases on economics and various publications on professional and personal development. We’ll meet live every few months at the Akateeminen store in Turku (Yliopistonkatu 27, 20100 Turku) to share our opinions and insights on the most recent book.

On Thusrday, Match 7th, we’ll meet at 15.00 to discuss Discipline is destiny by Ryan Holiday, available to purchase in the Turku store in both paperback and hardcover.

During the book club meeting at the store, Akateeminen offers the participants a 20% discount on books, stationery and artists’ supplies.

The book club meetings are in English.

The club meetings are open for everyone and free of charge, the books are not provided by the organizers. Sign up to the meeting here.


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